Marzio Cialdi Evoluzione della Forma

Photos of Stefano Poggialini

L’evoluzione della forma di Marzio Cialdi in esposizione a Villa Bertelli

Marzio Cialdi monograph

Photos of Aurelio Amendola
Produced by:

Versiliana Festival

Personal exhibition of sculptures, paintings and outside works to Versiliana Festival.

Exhibition at

UFOFABRIK Contemporary Art Gallery
UFOFABRIK Contemporary Art GalleryMOENA (TN)
Stefano Forni Gallery
Stefano Forni GalleryBOLOGNA
Phonegroup Art Investment
Phonegroup Art InvestmentViale Franscini, 17 | 6900 Lugano Switzerland | Telephone: +41 (0) 919210212

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